Friday, January 8, 2016

Of weaves and knits

We spoke all night, it felt just right,
Unraveling the threads, you took your time.
Some just worn, frazzled and grey,
Others with the hues of an April day,
But you held on to my every string,
The middle, end to the very beginning,
Untying every knot, that deep inside my heart had wrought.

It's a wonder how we are knit,
Each in this exquisite way,
Looking to find our fit,
Hiding fine spun secrets, underneath each layer,
Some woven stories we seldom share.
We spoke all night, Made us our own little knot, 
And that
 felt just right.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Your skin smelled like home, 
While in silence we lay, 
But I just need to wander.  
Feel the sun kiss my lips, 
quench my thirst in the seas, 
See the sky turn dark into day,
Then find my way around, 
Before we go astray. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

I'm bitter and cold,
like the seas I'm told,
I may be the sea, fierce and deep,
or spirited as the ocean on a sunny day 
how can you say?
Look at my horizons,
Set sail in me.
Have you ever denied the waves,
When they left,
 you salty, gasping
 for breath?

You stand at the edge of the skies,
the world reflected in your eyes,
Free from the grasping fingers,
Away from the cacophony singers,
Stargazing into the night,
But somewhere deep down
a thought lingers
"What when I go back down?"
no matter what, know this to be true,
There's magic in your heart,
And your spirit sings for you,
So next time you need an escape,
Seek deep within those heavy drapes,
For there is music for those
who stop just enough to listen within.


Sunday, April 5, 2015


There are secrets in the universe,
that our silly hearts are meant to keep,
but just every now and then,
we let it but slip,
and every story that is heard,
by the night dark and deep.

So all that you whisper,
safe to the sky,
while looked upon by stars that burn by and by,
is carried in the winds,
the till the dawn comes blushing pink,
feeling a little shy.

They are kept in the stars,
one for every thought,
till they get weighed down with the sighs,
and streak across the skies.
So next time you sit in woe,
look at the stars burning bright,
just know there are people out there
giving a tough fight,
 they're not alone out there,
and neither are you.


Monday, March 30, 2015

We all have our demons, will you stare mine in the eyes? Or will you look for cover when the hailstorms follow my thunder? I'm not the types that have angels voicing their opinions over their shoulders, they hide deep in some corner of my heart. So don't expect cotton candy and kisses here, I've seen too much and have always had wild hair. There's so much experience has taught me and so much I am yet to absorb. I've never learnt to find comfort in conformity or security in someone. I don't need you to lean on. Nor will you have my shoulder when you need one. But you have me right here and right now, all of me. That's the one thing I'll always do better than the others, being a handful and yet never enough.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I want to walk on thin lines, taunt threads. Dive into the ocean, take that leap of faith. Go all the way, into the deep. Feel the sand in my toes, grass tickle my feet. Climb that mountain, and sink into the warmth of the morning sun. I want to fly, feel the wind beneath my wings. Take flight into the happiness that life has got to offer. Not just be the universe, but be the universe. Have every bit of my being, resonating with adventure. Fall in love, fall out of it, then fall again. Dance, dance to the music that my soul sings so often and yet I seldom hear. Find the heaven that they all say hides within my heart. And just as I say goodbye, I promise I'll leave a trail, of stardust en route. So, someday when you decide to come my way too, you won't have to begin with losing yourself as I had to.